Sungshin CM Co., Ltd.


Sungshin CM creates a
framework of the
world with people.

Sungshin CM, established in 2007, has the best
facilities and import/export
facilities on the
site of 60,000m² in which there is a port.
Sungshin CM promises to make continuous efforts
to provide the best products and
to customers and to create better value for the
benefit of all stakeholders.
  • Company Name

    Sungshin CM Co., Ltd.
  • CEO

    Lee Hyungsik
  • Purpose of Business

    Slag fine powder and slag cement manufacturing and sales, etc.
  • Establishment Date

    Established Youngjin Seaport on October 18, 2007.


People & Future

Companies need to innovate and advance themselves faster than the speed at which the times are accelerating in order to enrich human life which changes according to the times. Sungshin is taking the lead as an excellent global company for a better future with the R&D of new products that improve the quality of human life and with new businesses to realize customers' dreams.


People & Happiness

We put the joy and happiness of everyone with us at the top of our priority list, from the great mission of contributing to the country and the people to the labor-management culture that prioritizes the joy and satisfaction of our employees. We are preparing to create a world where all citizens of Korea live a happy life.


People & Nature

We put the preservation of nature for future generations first, such as recycling industrial wastes, developing eco-friendly materials, establishing a clean air system, ensuring continuous environmental conservation projects, etc. We play a key role in creating a world where nature and people coexist.