Sungshin CM Co., Ltd.


Sungshin CM creates our tomorrow for you,
our precious people.

Sungshin CM, which started our business as Youngjin Seaport Co., Ltd. in 2007, has the best facilities and import and export facilities on the site of 60,000m² in the West Pier of Dangjin Port, Pyeongtaek and has grown into a leader in the corresponding industry by producing and distributing eco-friendly and basic construction materials today while contributing to national development.

Sungshin CM is realizing the value of creating a world where nature and people coexist based on customer satisfaction and trust through the best quality and service as a subsidiary of Sungshin Cement Co., Ltd., which has been in the cement industry for over 50 years under the banner of contributing to the country's construction development.

We promise that we will continue to grow steadily based on quality innovation that allows nature and people to coexist, while prioritizing the realization of customer value in a rapidly changing environment in the future.
And in doing so, we will be a company that creates sustainable value for the benefit of all stakeholders, including customers, communities, executives and employees, partners, investors, etc.

Thank you.

Sungshin CM Co., Ltd.

CEO Lee Hyeongsik