Sungshin CM Co., Ltd.


Organizational Culture & Welfare Program

Working Environment

  • No dress code
  • Refresh leave (2 weeks of leave)
  • Horizontal organizational structure
  • Leave other than annual leave (5 days per year)
  • Supporting coffee machines and refreshments
  • Supporting self-development (support for taking foreign language exams and obtaining certificates, subsidies for hobbies, etc.)
  • Supporting dormitories

Living Stability Support

  • Supporting children's school expenses or
  • Anniversaries (offering gifts and leaving work early on birthday, wedding anniversary, or YOLO Day for singles)
  • Family allowance
  • Comprehensive medical check-up
  • In-house loan (lease loan and purchase of house)

In-House Event

  • In-house library
  • Cultural events (movie, golf, etc.)


  • Reward
  • corporate vehicles
  • congratulations and condolences (congratulation and condolence money, wreaths, and congratulation and condolence leave)
  • communication fees
  • physical training (subsidies and in-house sports facilities)
  • vacation bonuses
  • vehicle maintenance expenses (maintenance expenses and car wash vouchers)