Sungshin CM Co., Ltd.


Sungshin CM, which has pier facilities in the port,
is engaged in loading & unloading operations
for import and export.

  • Specifications

    50,000-ton ships that can be berthed at wharfs
  • shipment capacity

  • loading & unloading capacity


Bulk carrier loading and unloading

  • Bulk carrier's entry into wharfs
  • Bulk carrier's door open
  • OPC bulk loading & unloading equipment (800tons/hr)
  • Belt conveyor system to transfer products during unloading
  • 50,000-ton product storage silo

OPC-dedicated bulk carrier

  • Connection between the hose of OPC-dedicated ships and the hose on land (600tons/hr)
  • Belt conveyor system to transfer products

Export shipment

  • Entry of ships for export into the harbor (30,000tons)
  • Loading & unloading-dedicated facilities (700tons/hr)
  • Bulk shipment
  • Bulk shipment

  • Overnight bulk shipment

  • Slag loading & unloading