Sungshin CM Co., Ltd.


A leader in the sustainable material industry

As for the main business of Sungshin CM, we are engaged in the production and supply of products that can
contribute to the reduction of carbon and the circulation of resources by substituting basic construction materials.
We are waiting for talented people who will grow together for our "tomorrow" with a corporate vision.
Recruitment inquiry
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    interview and
    personnel and
    aptitude tests

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    Final pass

  • Occasional recruitment

    We are expanding and proceed with occasional recruitment.
  • Recruitment announcement

    We post recruitment announcements with a clear career vision.
  • Phone interview

    We confirm the applicant's career vision and position via a phone interview with the first affiliated team or HR Department.
  • Executive-level interview and personnel and aptitude tests

    We conduct recruitment based on "Our Right People" without any discrimination.

Career Vision Program

Sungshin CM organizes job-specific divisions and presents career paths and development directions to nurture
next-generation leaders. In addition, we support the development and career management of new recruits by
providing them with field trips to affiliates and overseas subsidiaries and education and training.
  • Planning Management

    • Business planning
    • purchasing and import/export
    • human resources
    • fund/asset management
    • finance
    • general affairs
  • Sales

    • Sales management
    • logistics management
    • credit management
  • Production Quality

    • Production/production management
    • production technology
    • quality ontrol
    • R&D
    • environment/safety/health

On-line Recruitment

Progress Title Schedule
Deadline 영업팀소속 신입채용 02-06-2024 ~ 04-06-2024
Deadline 품질담당자 채용 02-06-2024 ~ 04-06-2024
Deadline test 08-03-2023 ~ 08-08-2023
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