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Related KS Standard

KS F 4306 (Pre-Tensioned Centrifugal High-Strength Concrete Pile)
  • PHC pile

  • High-strength pile

Characteristics of PHC Piles

  • - PHC piles can greatly improve the design bearing capacity of the main body due to the large design strength and long-term allowable stress.
  • - The compressive strength of PHC piles is more than 78.5 MPa (800 kgf/cm), increasing resistance to impact.
  • - When an axial force is applied, the maximum bending moment of PHC piles is greater than that of the existing PC piles (suitable for seismic design).
  • - PHC piles have excellent stability against drying shrinkage, chemical resistance, and neutralization and are highly resistant to freezing and thawing.
  • - PHC piles require fewer piles to be driven, reduce the cost of driving, and facilitate shortening of the construction period by steam curing (Securing price competitiveness).

Features of Cement for PHC Piles

  • - Cement mixed with high-fineness ground granulated blast-furnace slag
  • - Gypsum content higher than that of ordinary Portland cement
  • - The integrated product with high-strength admixtures that does not require the use of separate high-strength admixtures when manufacturing PHC piles
  • - Excellent initial strength development and increased strength development at the mid/long-term ages
  • - A pre-mixed all-in-one product unlike the existing PHC files, enabling convenient process control and constant quality maintenance.