Sungshin CM Co., Ltd.


Purpose for the Development of S-MENT

Aging Workers at Construction Sites and Increasing Number of Foreign Workers
According to the Korea Economic Daily published on December 24, 2021, "the proportion of construction site workers in their 50s or older is more than 60% of the total," and the possibility of quality deterioration due to aging is about 70%. Furthermore, the number of foreign workers exceeds 40% of the total, which increases the incidence of quality degradation.
Low-Carbon Cement
It is necessary to develop eco-friendly low-carbon construction materials in line with the three policy directions announced by the government in December 2020: 'low-carbonization of the economic structure', 'creation of a promising new low-carbon industrial ecosystem', and 'process transition to a carbon-neutral society'.
Waste Recycling
We have utilized excellent recycled materials along with the flow of industry in order to achieve the transition from a linear economic structure that involves the consumption and disposal of resources to a circular economy structure.
Increasing Number of Skyscrapers
The increase in the number of skyscrapers according to the trend of the times raises the need to develop products that can solve the bleeding phenomenon and high price, which are problems of existing admixtures used for high-slump concrete.

Features of S-MENT (Special Cement)

  • - Enhanced workability with higher fluidity than that of Portland cement and blast-furnace slag cement
  • - Excellent concrete strength after 7 days due to the formation of a dense structure by the increase of hydration reactants
  • - Reduced heat of hydration and cracking compared to Portland cement by optimized formulation
  • - Reduction of energy and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions through circulating resources